Although Egypt is a destination whose popularity fluctuates over time, the Pyramids at Giza have remained as a traveler destination for thousands of years regardless of the political climate de jour.

Tour & Travel Operation In Egypt

Mazada Tours managed to amass in-depth experience in this tourism sub-sector in Egypt, and as a result of this confluence of events, Mazada Tours began to offer something known as incentive travel which includes meeting with local inhabitants and enjoying a true, authentic folklore experience.

This Egyptian specialization has continually grown over the years since its implementation in 1981 when the company transitioned to its current location close to the embassy.

Mazada Tours’ unprecedented success has attracted celebrity clients such as Madonna, and her entourage, as well as many others. We continue to serve an elite clientele of travelers who wish to pursue itineraries that include Egyptian destinations. Working with Egyptian authorities, we will ensure the safety and comfort of your tour group. For most embassies in Israel (United States, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Argentina and more..) we are the first choice regarding organized tours to Egypt.

Our corporate headquarters is located across the street from the Egyptian Embassy, and we work in close cooperation with them to offer the latest innovations and perks for your clients.

Mazada Tours Tourism Services in Egypt

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