In 1992, prior to the signing of the peace treaty between Jordan and Israel, Mazada Tours began to enter into a joint venture with a Jordanian tour operator through an Egyptian intermediary.

Tour & Travel Operation In Jordan

Through this Egyptian intermediary, Mazada Tours began providing tourism services to Jordan for international travelers from all over the world.

This end-around modus operandi remained in place until the normalization of the relations between Israel and Jordan.

After the Jordan-Israel peace agreement in 1994, Mazada Tours became the number one tourism wholesaler providing tours and tourist services to Jordan. This success was the natural derivative of establishing commercial ties with Jordan prior to the implementation of the peace treaty between the countries.

When the borders opened, the company already had a firm handhold on the market and its potential for successful tourism ventures. Mazada Tours still maintain its original Jordanian firm that was established decades ago, and we are the “go to” tourism firm for almost all of the foreign embassies in Israel (United States, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Argentina and more). No one can match our reputation for quality and service regarding organized tours to Jordan.

Mazada Tours Tourism Services in Jordan

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•V.I.P. Services in Queen Alia Airport

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